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The Red Thread

Documentary about the period

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Now by THE RED THREAD we have recorded the real protagonists and entered the fantastic world of animation and editing. The premiere of THE RED THREAD is scheduled for early 2020. 
All the phases a movie goes through are important. Some of them cost more money than others but we can't do without any.  

Can you help us make the film possible and many other future films? 
Please consult by email any questions you may have. 

- A documentary about some Andalusian women who have been sentenced for a crime that affects the right to free speech 
- A documentary about a very special old hospital

Where are the most interesting protagonists? We call them, visit them, wherever they are. That is also research work at the beginning of a film: the basis to be rigorous, create credibility and facilitate levels of inspiration.

With this subscription you will receive an online link to watch the movie once it has been made. And this will always be the case during your subscription when i realize an audiovisual work.
2.00 € monthly
Writing the script for a documentary film is not easy but you can deal with it: reality helps you. Writing the script of an animated film is to have everything under control, inventing absolutely all the elements that will appear: characters, locations, interiors, objects and a long list. It's a hard work!

With this subscription, in addition to receiving online access to the movie, you can download it to enjoy it whenever you want. In addition, you will have a second access so you can give it to whoever you want.
4.00 € monthly
Why not?
This subscription is for that person who does not want anything in return. But you will come to see the movie, will not you?

5.00 € monthly
A third part of the film is made up of images of real people, our protagonists. A theater director, the owner of a restaurant with a very strange hobby, a teacher who gives Vulva-watching courses ... We accompany them to their place of work, at home, where necessary and we will discover what they have to do with the menstruation...

With this subscription, in addition to receiving the other goodies, we give you a couple of posters and postcards and other merchandising products (still to be specified) of the film!
6.00 € monthly
To organize shooting days, to rent locations, equipment, clothing, to make the catering, make countless calls,
ask for permits and be the soul of the shooting days: that person you can talk to at any time about anything,
that will be for you as if there was nobody else in this world more important than you right now. 
These are some of the many tasks of the production person. She deserves much more than a loud applause!

With this subscription, in addition to receiving the other goodies, you will become an explicit nomination in the credits of the film.

8.00 € monthly
Postproduction is essential for this movie. It is a long and heavy process but in the same measure fascinating. How to arrange the scenes and mix them well with the animations will be one of the most important challenges!

With this subscription, in addition to the goodies of the other subscriptions, we invite you to come to the premiere of the film in your country forming part of the team.

10.00 € monthly
This is the most expensive part of the movie. With your contribution we can pay part of the effort that a wonderful and creative team of illustrators and animators is doing.

With this subscription, in addition to receiving the goodies of the other subscriptions, you will be able to participate in the creative process. Say how you would like it to be Isabel's house or design her dresses. Go ahead and put a piece of you in the movie
15.00 € monthly
Product placement
Do you have a spectacularly great product and would you like it to appear in the movie? Yes? This is your subscription.

In addition you will receive absolutely all the goodies of the other subscriptions.

50.00 € monthly
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